Fresh Filled 946ml Cans


Fresh filled from our taps on a per order basis as these are one off or rare recipes usually only available from the brewery.

Double Ender – DIPA 8%
Naked city but bigger! Double Ender took a little break, but is back now with a bigger hop profile, more body, and all the DIPA goodness we all like!

WHAT THE? – Helles Lager 5%
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Picknica Semi traditional Helles Lager. Crisp and bright German Lager. Easy drinking beer, ideal for enjoying with a meal.

Book Cover – Dark IPA 6%
A break away from the haze! This dark IPA embodies all the best bits of Citra and Simcoe. A little Bit pithy, a little bit piney, alota bit refreshing!

Pooh Bear – Brown Ale 5%
A great take on a classic. Pooh bear scratches that malty itch we all get. Minimal hops, malt driven and so refreshing! Pooh Bear is for everyone from a seasoned craft fan, to someone just starting out.

Hayfever Dreams – Hazy WCIPA 5%
A nod to spring time a dosing of pine, a good amount of bitterness, fresh citrus, and some tropical notes to keep things fresh. Brewed with a odds and sods medley of hops to make space for some fresh additions to our line up.

Carburetor – Low Carb Aotearoa Pale Ale 6%
We finally did it, we joined the Low Carb World. Carburetor is a variation on our NZ Pale Ale recipe, with more abv, more hops, and less carbs keeping things in check with a good bitterness, and a whack of citrus; Carburetor has become a tap favourite in its short life.

Home Again – Unfiltered Pale Ale 4.5%
A pale ale fermented using S-33 in place of our preferred US-05. This iteration of Home Again, is mashup of NZ and american hops including NZ-107 and the new AAHHroma our of the states. Its citrus foreward, with a slight spice character and plenty of body for its abv.

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946ml Fresh Filled Cans

Double Ender DIPA 8%, What The? Helles Lager 6%, Pooh Bear Brown Ale 5%, Hayfever Dreams Hazy WCIPA 5%, Book Cover Dark IPA 6%, Carburetor Low Carb APA 6%, Home Again Unfiltered Pale Ale 4.5%