2020 Tauranga Home Brew Club Competition


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This is an entry to have your beer judged in the 2020 Tauranga Home Brew Club Competition – 7th November 2020 3pm-6pm (or later)

We will be running a community competition on November 7th which will be limited to 20 entries and a maximum of one entry per brewer. We ask that you provide two vessels at least 750ml each. The entry fee is $10.
Anyone with any commercial brewery affiliation is not eligible to win any prizes but is welcome to enter for feedback.
Judging Criteria /50:
Aroma 12
Appearnace 3
Flavour 20
Mouthfeel 5
Overall Impression 10
The beers will be judged by all those present on the night, with the highest aggregate score out of 50 taking out the top prize. Slab Brewing will decide the winners in case of a tie break situation.
All score cards and feedback will given to the brewer at the end of the night.
Beer style:
IPA – 5-7%.
To be fermented with a traditional yeast, no adjuncts such as fruit etc. No sours or kveik.
First place – A Brew day at slab where we brew 300L of your creation with your help. The beer will also go on tap at Slab and potentially around Tauranga. We may have to slightly adjust your recipe to work in with our equipment. You will also receive some Slab cans of the final beer.
Second Place Sponsored By Liquor For Less – A Tilt Hydrometer
Third Place Sponsored By Liquor For Less – A voucher for 5kg of grain for your next brew.
There will also be spot prizes on the day.
More Information:
We are going to make a bit of a day of it and are asking for everyone to put up a $10 donation to help cover costs, cash on the day is fine. We will put on pizzas and snacks and you can buy slab beers over the bar.

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